2 top pornstars (Tori Black and Bree Olson) are ready to say their final goodbyes to the porn industry – and both have been physically assaulted!

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Both Bree Olson and Tori Black have publicly announced that they are ready to say goodbye to the porn industry…

Tori Black

from www.therealtoriblack.com
“So, the cat’s out of the bag!

“Are you retiring” and “What’s next for Tori Black, career-wise?” are questions I’m assuming are floating around, so I’ll take a moment to address them. I am not disappearing, however I will be growing and changing, as any evolving woman would. Certain feelings and aspects of reality change when a woman becomes a mother and the most important thing I can do right now is take care of myself and my blossoming family.”

Bree Olson

from thelasvegassun.com

Robin Leach: After all this time, it’s your first as host — and yet it’s a goodbye?

Bree Olson: Yes, but I’m really excited. I left the industry abruptly, so I’m pleased to have a proper farewell to the adult industry and give a proper thank you. I feel hosting the awards show is a great way to do that. I’m also going to be signing at the expo so, I thought it was a great way to see my fans and do a final signing in that way.

As of January 12, 2012 Bree Olson was physically assaulted and strangled in her hometown of Fort Wayne, IN - As reported on Wane.com:

“Oberlin said during the course of the argument, Underwood pushed her up against a car and grabbed her around the neck, so much so that she could not breathe and almost passed out. He then let her go and left the area.

Police later found him at his apartment and took him into custody.

Underwood allegedly told Fort Wayne police that Oberlin was hitting him and he ‘just lost it’ and pushed her against the car and grabbed her neck in an effort to get her to stop.”

Tori Black and Lyndell aka Dynomite Dolomite
(Lyndell began a career in porn in 2006 according
to IAFD – one year prior to Tori Black’s entrance)

Only a couple of weeks later another physical assault on a top pornstar occurs – this time right in Las Vegas at the ssame hotel venue of which this year’s AVN Awards were held (The Hard Rock Hotel) – as reported today on TMZ.com:

“Officers responded to a domestic dispute call at Tori’s Hard Rock Hotel room early Friday morning. According to the police report, Tori — real name Michelle Chapman — told cops she had been drinking before she got back to the room where her fiance, Lyndell Anderson, and their 5-month old son were waiting.

The report states Tori and Lyndell started arguing because, as Tori told police … Lyndell didn’t have “enough breast milk” to feed the baby.

The two-time AVN Performer of the Year then claims Lyndell called her an “unfit mother” … and that’s when things got physical. In the report, police say Tori admitting punching Lyndell in the back of the head, but also claimed he shoved her into a wall.

According to the report, police reviewed the hotel security tape of the hallway outside the couple’s room and saw Lyndell push Tori “with such violent force that she flies across the hall.” Police say she had bruises on her arms.

Lyndell and Tori were both arrested and booked for domestic battery.”

2 top pornstars attempting to move their lives forward in a positive direction being physically assaulted by men they allowed into their lives…there appears to be a pattern here.

Ironically both Tori Black and Bree Olson are top friends of Tori Black’s boyfriend Lyndell (aka Dynomite Dolomite). Strange – please visit www.PornInTheValley.com for further details.

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