As porn sinks, it’s victims drown… Reach out to help webcam model & vocalist Alyssa Branch

MonicaFoster September 15, 2012 2

alyssa branch 02Monica Foster commentary:  This evening a friend of mine who’s a fellow observer of Los Angeles porn industry issues brought what appears to be a desperate and tragic situation to my attention…the situation of Alyssa Branch ( @AlyssaBranch on twitter).

It appears that webcam model and vocalist Alyssa is virtually trapped in a sinking ship – and that ship is the Los Angeles porn industry.

According to Alyssa has only been an active talent for one year (beginning 2011). If the Los Angeles porn industry was in the same shape of which it was even only 5 years ago…I’m fairly certain Alyssa would have already been snatched up and offered a lucrative, secure and stable contract by a studio along the lines of Adam & Eve, Digital Playground or Vivid considering her classic “girl next door” appearance…however in the present dramatically shifting Los Angeles porn industry economic environment she’s drowning and might not even make rent next month and could wind up homeless.

alyssa branch 01

Alyssa Branch asks her fans for help via twitter – she’s virtually drowning in Porn Valley!

I’m certain that Alyssa’s situation is quite the common one in Porn Valley as of current – however it appears according to her twitter feed that she is actively seeking work and is looking to transition into solo webcamming (which is far safer than traditional porn shoots).

alyssa branch 05I ask all my readers to follow Alyssa and send her your prayers and encouragement. At this stage I have to say that I hope she transitions away from the adult industry entirely being that I feel the human soul is meant for much better things…however I understand that the transition is a process which takes time (I’m in the midst of it myself).

If you read this Alyssa – YOU ARE attractive and talented enough in my view (you have a fantastic voice) to land mainstream acting or vocalist work (get yourself listed in a database such as – you could easily do “extra” work even).  Porn is not all there is to life – you’re capable of doing much much more :)

alyssa branch 03

alyssa branch 06

Alyssa Branch can sing – take the time to take a listen…


  1. MarcFromTheDark September 20, 2012 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    Wow she’s a cutie. I could use a vocalist for my projects on if she wants to pack it up and come kick it in H-town.

    • MonicaFoster September 21, 2012 at 6:56 am - Reply

      I sent Alyssa a tweet to give her a heads up about your interest. I think you 2 would work quite well together.

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