Sign the petition to alert Sirius XM that Vivid Radio is supporting & promoting criminal activity.

MonicaFoster November 19, 2013 1

Click here to sign a petition to alert Sirius XM that Vivid Radio is supporting and promoting sex trafficking, organized crime and the transmission of deadly diseases (such as HIV) to the general public.

sirius logoThe petition letter states:

The cancellation of the recently launched Vivid Radio channel on Sirius XM as of current is important due to the channel being an irresponsible venture which supports and promotes sex trafficking, organized crime and the transmission of deadly diseases to the general public. This petition is not based upon “anti-porn” reasoning – it is an effort to bring awareness to the actions of a corporation which is openly supporting, promoting and profiting off of criminal activity and what has been proven to be a severe health risk to countless individuals.

In early 2012, an ordinance which requires mandatory condom use in Los Angeles adult filming went into effect (Measure B). This action was voted into law in effort to lower the transmission of deadly STDs (such as HIV) in the Los Angeles pornographic industry. Vivid Entertainment has since filed a lawsuit to oppose Measure B, which not only puts profits above the health and safety of pornstars – it also puts the general public at risk being that many pornstars regularly engage in escorting (prostitution).

In June of 2013, pornstar Katie Summers filed a lawsuit against porn director John Stagliano of Evil Angel (a porn studio which has a program on Vivid Radio’s channel line up) for not disclosing to her that he is indeed HIV positive prior to working with her in an adult film.

In August of 2013 (another porn studio which is a part of Vivid Radio’s channel line up) was investigated by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health in regards to Cameron Bay, a pornstar who recently tested positive HIV.

Lastly, Vivid Radio showcases many hosts in their programming lineup that are not only pornstars, but who are escorts through agencies such as The Luxury Companion. Prostitution is only legal in the area of Nevada where The Bunny Ranch is based.  Prostitution acts which occur (nationally and internationally) outside of that region are illegal, and are linked to organized crime and are defined as sex trafficking.

If Sirius XM were to provide a fair and balanced perspective in regards to pornography (for expample, by offering programming or a channel which covers the physical, psychological and other damaging effects pornography has upon an individual and society as a whole), this issue would not be a problem, but as of current they do not.

At a minimum, Sirius XM needs to re-evaluate Vivid Radio’s channel lineup and pull the programs (and individuals) which support and promote criminal activity.

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  1. elvis December 14, 2013 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    The problem with Vivid radio is thst its super boring and repetive. Tune in if you want to hear dumb ass, self important “Stars” snicker at the poor lonely guys that call in.
    It will implode on its own.

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