Is Playboy Playmate Leola Bell being corralled into the Los Angeles Porn Valley HELL – or was this situation pre-planned?

MonicaFoster May 2, 2012 2

Monica Foster commentary: I’m not sure what to think of this situation…

On the surface, I see a GORGEOUS ebony woman with a bright mainstream future ahead of her launched by Playboy which is now being potentially RUINED by (who I view as) a piece of shit by the name of David Joseph (an idiot who can’t figure out how to make money by ANY OTHER MEANS than by fucking up someone else’s life and reputation). For those who don’t know, Leola was Playmate of the month in February 2012 – ironically the same issue that put Lindsay Lohan on the cover rather than her due to the long standing RACIST practices of Hollywood .

Upon taking a deeper look however, I see how this all COULD have all been orchestrated from the start – maybe Playboy knew that Leola had gone totally hardcore and figured they could cash in on the “scandal” later…There hasn’t been a black woman of her quality in the porn circuit for a while – this situation could have been a way to corral one into the HELL which is the Los Angeles Porn Industry via the mild (yet treacherous) gateway to hardcore porn which is PLAYBOY.

Considering that Playboy is currently a property of Manwin, maybe it’s in Manwin’s best interest to out the Playmates as being hardcore publicly and then box them into that arena – that way they have a stable of higher quality potential contract girls for their hardcore content down the road.

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Red Light District dives back into the celebrity sex tape arena with hardcore footage of Playboy Playmate Leola Bell. Leola Bell: Caught on Tape will be released under the Red Light Celebrity label May 15.

Bell surged to national prominence when she was announced as the Playmate centerfold for the much-ballyhooed February 2012 issue of Playboy that featured Lindsay Lohan on the cover.

The triple-X footage Red Light acquired was filmed before Bell was selected as Playmate of the Month, the company said. The tape reportedly contains explicit sexual acts including anal sex and a threesome.

“It’s extremely unusual for us to be able to acquire explicit footage of a high-profile glamour model, but we were fortunate that she filmed the explicit footage before she gained celebrity from her selection as a Playboy centerfold,” Red Light owner David Joseph said. “We expect Leola Bell: Caught on Tape to perform excellently and to continue to sell as her popularity increases in the coming years.”

The movie will be available in stores and online through and will be packaged as a special edition two-disc set with a bonus Red Light District DVD.

Bell’s DVD is Red Light’s second celebrity release of 2012, following on the heels of Michelle Bombshell: Caught on Tape in January.



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