Shakira puts the Los Angeles porn industry to shame with her SEXY music video “ADDICTED TO YOU”

MonicaFoster May 3, 2012 0

shakira addicted to youMonica Foster commentary: I really don’t know why the Los Angeles porn industry even bothers to continue at this phase. Considering the YEARS that they’ve had to develop something at least HALFWAY sexy they continually FAIL FAIL FAIL – nowadays even the legal system is cracking down on the CRAP they produce and those who produce it.

I’ll tell you why the LA porn industry content sucks – it’s just too WHITE. You have a bunch of boring vanilla Canadians making that shit and everyone knows Canadians for the most part are totally void of flavor. Even the few ethnic people in the LA porn industry have been so heavily influenced by the boring, pale as a ghost bland Canadians that they’ve lost touch with their roots.

Take a look at this incredible Shakira video below. This sexy little exotic fruit is so full of spice, sensuality and sexuality that she can turn on the masses without even showing a NIPPLE! Shakira is REAL . REAL = SEXY – Take a lesson from this LA porn or please just return to Canada .

No I’m not racist towards Canadians… I in fact fell in love with one at one point. I simply have had enough of them for now as have many Americans. ¬†Pamela Anderson has gotten old. Deal with it.

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