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Monica Foster commentary: Like clockwork Steve Hirsch has chimed into the Hulk sextape fiasco (is the whole thing actually a publicity stunt?)…Ever since the Kacey Jordan meets Charlie Sheen days I’ve been aware of celebrity sex tape broker Keven Blatt (who was somehow tied to Kacey and has fingers in the porn industry). Is Kevin somehow involved? courtesy The kingpin of porn has reached out to Hulk Hogan in an effort to entice him to change his mind about the sex tape that has surfaced featuring the famous wrestler.Read More
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courtesy (Monica Foster commentary: Wow, I didn’t know Hirsch was into being a submissive…) Joan Rivers’ only daughter Melissa has been meeting with the king of celebrity sex tapes Steven Hirsch … but it ain’t to star in a XXX flick, TMZ has learned the two are actually dating. Sources close to the couple tell us Melissa — who runs “Fashion Police” on E! — has been dating the Vivid Entertainment honcho for a couple of weeks … after meeting through mutual friends.  One person with direct knowledge ofRead More

Posted On January 25, 2016By Monica Foster

How much money the porn industry will pay for your soul

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Signing your name on the dotted line of a 2257 form and model release in the porn industry is essentially a blood pact with the Satan nowadays (actually a literally is considering that your actual blood is thrown into the equation via the required STD tests)… For those of you wondering exactly how much money Satan aka Lucifer is willing to give you for your soul – take a look at the article below (ironically the cameraperson aka soul collector is in the bestRead More
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Posted On October 5, 2015By Monica Foster

Vivid Rape info release leak original tweet feed

VIVID RAPE ‏@VIVIDRAPE 2h2 hours ago @MileyCyrus Her time in porn and the crimes committed used against her repeatedly to hide the wrongs of more individuals. #rapeculture 0 retweets0 favorites Reply Retweet Favorite More VIVID RAPE ‏@VIVIDRAPE 3h3 hours ago @Madonna @ladygaga @katyperry @rihanna In 2006, #BillAsher of #VividVideo raped employee #StefaniMorgan. #StevenHirsch helped cover it up. 0 retweets0 favorites Reply Retweet Favorite More VIVID RAPE ‏@VIVIDRAPE 3h3 hours ago She was modeling with @LAModelsAgency upon moving to LA just a few months before signing to @VividCorp. 0 retweets0 favoritesRead More

Posted On September 17, 2014By pntadmin

Did Iggy Azalea sign away her rights to a sex tape?

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary: If you’d like to learn a bit about how certain individuals within the porn industry are utilizing celebrity sextapes to infiltrate (and blackmail) the mainstream Hollywood and music industries…just watch the cartoon at the bottom of this post which features parody of Britney Spears, her ex boyfriend David Lucado and pornstar Callie Lee. ***Update: according to TMZ – Hefe Wine believes Iggy did indeed sign away her rights.   Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comarticle spotted on Iggy Azalea is the latest celebrityRead More
Update 06.28.2013: Mayor Villaraigosa Signs Amended Porn-Condom Law Monica Foster commentary: This made me chuckle.  Prepare for the wrath of Michael Weinstein, because up till now at least, I don’t think certain people in the Los Angeles porn industry really know what he’s capable of 🙂 I personally don’t feel ab332 is over… so buckle up for the ride of your life. article spotted on LOS ANGELES—The adult film industry is citing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage in an effort to muzzle its main opponent inRead More
Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad that Gene Ross of and Rob Black of Sinister TV are doing their best to tell the porn industry & the public the truth about Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition … the only people they speak for are those who don’t respect the laws of the United States of America (a country which offers far more freedom and opportunity than almost anywhere else on Earth). Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) is an EMPLOYMENT LAW issue (just as Measure B was) – NOT ARead More
Monica Foster commentary: This is only the beginning… no one can save you now Dan Leal – it’s time for you to tell the truth about everything you’re involved with. It seems someone very close to Dan Leal is who tipped off the AHF…I wonder who it was. spotted on  from – AIDS healthcare advocates today challenged Los Angeles County health officials to step up enforcement of a law requiring porn actors to wear condoms. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced the filing of a complaint with the county, accusing aRead More
Monica Foster commentary: As long as the issues regarding illegal prostitution and escorting rings attached to the Los Angeles porn industry are not addressed the law makers will continue to tighten their noose around the American porn industry’s neck. spotted on from – Following the lead of Los Angeles County, a state lawmaker is proposing to require that all actors in pornographic films made in California be required to wear condoms to protect them from exposure to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Assembly member Isadore Hall III (D-Compton) hasRead More
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courtesy Gothamist.comMonica Foster commentary: Oh if only the Los Angeles porn “elite” hadn’t so openly opposed Obama – maybe then you’d have a prayer – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yesterday, having already whipped up a frothy controversy by telling Puerto Rico to speak English, Rick Santorum decided to go all-in with his public bitching by declaring war on pornography on his website. The porn industry isn’t going to take this one lying down though: “It’s ridiculous,” Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid Entertainment, told the Daily News. “I find it ironic that [Republicans] areRead More