Brad Armstrong of Wicked Pictures REJECTED by J.P. Morgan Chase

MonicaFoster November 27, 2012 3

wicked pictures brad armstrong denied by j.p. morgan chase bankPorn News Today exclusive:

It appears that Chase Bank ( J.P. Morgan Chase) has officially decided to take a stand against the porn industry (much of which has it’s foundation built upon illegal prostitution, escorting and other mafia / organized crime related activity as illustrates).

As of today according to Brad Armstrong of Wicked Pictures twitter feed, he was denied approval to open an additional business account due to the business being “Adult Industry Related”.

Brad Armstrong (a supporter of the failed “No On Measure B” campaign which promoted unsafe sexual practices in the adult workplace via not implementing condoms) not only proceeded to rant unprofessionally about the ocurrence, but in addition he has threatened to rally other adult entertainment professionals to file a law suit against the bank.

Wicked Pictures Brad Armstrong - photo credit @wickedarmstrong on twitter

Brad Armstrong – photo credit @wickedarmstrong on twitter

The Porn News Today team realizes that times are rather tough economically for many porn industry professionals, but is Brad Armstrong, Wicked Pictures, the Free Speech Coalition (of which Wicked Pictures is affiliated with) and their other associates really so desperate for funds that they are willing to hire an adult industry attorney along the lines of Michael Fattorosi or Marc Randazza to file a law suit against J.P. Morgan Chase Bank (a bank which has generously committed to giving back to the public through over $25 million in charity donations) ?

wicked pictures brad armstrong wants to file a law suit against j.p. morgan chase bank

If they do, the world will finally see the “professionals” of Porn Valley’s true colors.

One must wonder if J.P. Morgan Chase bank is aware of certain financial details in regards to Wicked Pictures (and Brad Armstrong specifically) of which the general pornographic industry sphere (and public) is not…especially considering that the Aids Healthcare Foundations recently filed complaint in regards to certain Los Angeles porn industry organizations/committees and FOREIGN CONTRIBUTIONS (Wicked Pictures was associated with the “No On Government Waste” campaign).

Wicked Pictures Brad armstrong twitter rant about J.P. Morgan Chase bank

Wicked Pictures Brad Armstrong’s twitter rant about J.P. Morgan Chase bank – click to enlarge



  1. jenny November 28, 2012 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    im so happy measure b passed! and i wanna say thank you monica foster for being real and telling us the truth about this industry. most porn stars just lie and tell everyone how great the industry is.

    • MonicaFoster November 29, 2012 at 1:46 pm - Reply

      No problem – I take a lot of heat for doing it, but I feel good about getting the truth out there. Hopefully it’ll save some women from endangering themselves.

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